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New Treatment Aftercare Group

We are now accepting referrals for Addiction Treatment Aftercare Groups. In collaboration with Dr. C. K. Perrier & Associates, we will be co-facilitating the aftercare groups at Dr. Perrier’s office in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Visit Dr. Perrier’s website here:

Groups start September 5, 2023.

Group Description:

Relapse is common in the first several months following treatment for addiction. Addiction treatment aftercare can provide some of the necessary support that will help people in early recovery work through various common problems they will encounter during the early stages of their lifestyle change. During this time, people will likely experience Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW), which is characterized by symptoms including cravings, sleep disturbances, irritability, mood disorders and cognitive impairment. Although these symptoms improve with time, those who relapse into addiction often blame the experience of PAW symptoms as a leading reason for the relapse.

The aftercare group provides regular, in person, professional support as well as a peer group setting where participants can exchange relevant experiences with others who have similar goals. The aftercare group is facilitated by staff who may begin by leading the group through a check in process where participants debrief their progress and any setbacks since the previous meeting. There is usually an opportunity for peers to provide constructive feedback to participants who have debriefed and facilitators may suggest strategies to maintain progress or overcome problems.

Following the check in process, facilitators may introduce a topic related to addiction recovery and initiate group discussion based on the topic. Typical discussion topics may include issues such as building recovery support systems, managing emotions, healthy relationships, finding new social activities and dealing with stress, all with the goal of preventing relapse. Regular attendance at an aftercare program helps motivate people to remain committed to their goal of sustained abstinence and to continue progressing through problems experienced in early recovery.

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